Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo Lodge Uganda

Mihingo is a luxurious, family owned lodge in a magical setting adjacent to Lake Mburo National Park. Perched high on a rocky kopje, whose pre-Cambrian granite boulders were formed over 500 million years ago, it has spectacular views over a vast savannah landscape.  Designed to blend in with its fragile surroundings, this environmentally friendly lodge offers comfort, relaxation and the experience of being at one with nature.

An infinity pool overlooks the valley below where buffalo, eland, impala, warthogs, bush buck and zebra can be seen at the waterhole.  On the rocks you may have the rare chance of seeing the resident family of Klipspringers.  We cannot guarantee that you will see a leopard, but on a night game drive you do have a good chance. As Rungwe Kingdon (the son of the well-known wildlife author, Jonathan Kingdon, and one of Mihingo’s guests) once told us “I have seen more leopards in Lake Mburo National Park than any other park in East Africa”.

To further enhance your experience of wild Africa, Mihingo is the only lodge in Uganda to offer daytime and overnight horse safaris into the national park.

The only regret that many of our guests have is that they wish they had booked to stay longer than only a night or two. We hope this website will help you to see how many wonderful things there are to do when you stay at Mihingo Lodge.

Why Stay With Us


  • Heat all our water, make our electricity, and power all our fridges and freezers using the sun.
  • Catch all the rain water on the rocks in a 200,000 litre water tank and also use the run-off from the large roof area at the stables.
  • Grow our own herbs and salads in our small organic kitchen garden.
  • Buy as much locally as possible including milk, tomatoes and onions from the surrounding farms.
  • Buy special vegetables that we can’t buy locally from an organic farm in Mukono district.
  • Recycle our general lodge waste – turn bottle tops into funky animals, and give our empty bottles (we love Bombay Sapphire) to Paper Craft who turn them into beautiful necklaces and earrings.
  • Decant all our drinking water from 20 litre bottles to avoid waste of more than 10,000 small plastic bottles a year.
  • Buy all our soap from Paper Craft – it is totally natural, tested in the Netherlands and PH perfect!
  • Buy all our candles from The Candle Light Foundation that was set up to help street girls find a way to earn money.
  • Sell as many locally produced Ugandan crafts in our craft shop.
  • Train our staff to give the best massage ever – the money from the massages supports the Leopard and Hyena project.
  • Train staff from this area how to look after our horses and how to ride them.
  • Use local transport to receive our weekly shopping supplies from Kampala.
  • Compensate farmers for livestock killed by leopard and hyena. 


  • Recruiting as many staff as possible from the neighbouring communities.
  • Employing lots of women; they are lovely and hard working.
  • Making sure our staff are happy and inspired by what they do so that you will feel it too.
  • Supporting some children with their secondary education.
  • Supporting the local school. 


  • They give us milk, yoghurt, cheese and the best home-made Mihingo ice cream ever!
  • Ankole cows are incredibly beautiful and have the biggest horns in the world.
  • Ankole cows are an important part of the culture of the Bahima people.




P.O. Box 28142, Kampala, Uganda
Tel. +256 752 410 509
Email: reservations@mihingolodge.com                           
Website: www.mihingolodge.com

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